Josie McCarthy Associates

Josie McCarthy Associates was founded by interior designer Josie McCarthy in 1980.  JMA is committed to personal service and attention to detail, creating comfortable rooms while helping clients realize their aesthetic vision.
Josie has a deep understanding of proportion and scale, texture and color, and a sense of place expressed in both Modernism and Classicism. With thorough knowledge of architectural details and the construction process, she works on projects large and small, renovation and new building.  JMA delivers a bespoke service, crafting spaces that reflect the uniqueness of each client. 

While Josie's work is wide-ranging in style, it is always crisp and timeless.  Her mastery of color, expertise in collecting and arranging objects, and her ability to seamlessly put rooms together have lent to her success nationwide.  JMA clients range from California to New York, Florida to Montana.  Projects include residences, offices, and country clubs.
Josie's length and depth of experience guides one in creating the most important expression of one's life - the home.